Italo Esposito art



The paintings are the result of my progressive abandoning the pseudo realism of my early works, while consolidating my use of abstract expression. This leaving behind the representation of the visible world constitutes a recalibrating of my perception and intuition towards the capturing of elusive forms and colours, states of mind, and wanderings into the territories of the unconscious.

In my view, artistic expression must be expression of absolute freedom. The contradictions, grotesqueness and futility of the world constitute a limitless source of inspiration for their triggering emotions and impulses that activate the creative gesture.

Paintings Gallery

Alien (2020) Bus Stop (2018) Enigma (2019) Gravita (2020) Leo
          (2019) Materia 03 (2018) Materia 07 (2018) Materia 09 (2018) Materia Mundi
          (2019) Rift (2020) Salina (2019) Sintesi (2020) Spectre (2019) The Last Defence
          (2020) Virus (2020) Why not (2020)