Italo Esposito art

Exhibitions and news

Oxfordshire Art Weeks 2021

Italo Esposito exhibits recent works at the Westbury People's Gallery, as part of Oxfordshire Art Weeks 2021, 1-23 May. The exhibition includes satirical pictures (laminated ink on paper, various sizes) to be displayed in the Westbury Gallery’s garden. Also, a digital gallery of selected paintings (oil on canvas, various sizes) from Italo's most recent production (Jan-April 2021).


Synthesis (2020). Oil on Canvas, 60 cm x 60 cm

This painting is a point of arrival in a research process that has lasted several years. It is also perhaps a point of departure into different aesthetic territories.


Rift (2020). Oil on Canvas, 2 meters x 1 meter

This painting is a reflection on the social and existential crisis brought about by the Covid-19 pandemics. Its strong lines and colours emphasise a felt sense of disconnection and fragmentation, and the loss of a sense of direction as mediated by one's connection with a shared past and vision of the future.

New works in the summer 2020

In the summer 2020 Italo Esposito started a new project inolving experimenting with new forms as well as new finish and clay sculptures. The work in progress is presented in the 360 view image below.

A new terracotta: work in progress (2020). Slide to reveal.

Oxfordshire Art Weeks 2020 exhibition

In May 2020 Italo Esposito takes part in Oxfordshire Art Weeks 2020. His works are on display in the Westbury Community Gallery and Performing Arts Space, in the form of virtual tour and a remote art, dance and music collaboration. The video shows a dance and music response to the painting Materia Mundi (2019).

Dance response to Italo Esposito's painting Materia Mundi. Dance: Elisabeth (Lizzy) Spight, music: Malcolm Atkins.